12 stones - it was you
 12 stones - lie to me
 12 stones - running out of pain
 12 stones - the way i feel
 12 stones - world so cold
 2cellos - smells like teen spirit
 30 seconds to mars - a modern myth
 30 seconds to mars - alibi
 30 seconds to mars - closer to the edge
 30 seconds to mars - from yesterday
 30 seconds to mars - hurricane acoustic
 30 seconds to mars - ill attack
 30 seconds to mars - kings and queens
 3 doors down - be like that (live)
 3 doors down - here by me
 3 doors down - here without you
 3 doors down - its not my time
 3 doors down - let me go
 3 doors down - so i need you
 3 doors down - train
 3 doors down - your arms feel like home
 a perfect circle - gravity
 a perfect circle - judith
 a perfect circle - weak and powerless
 aaron lewis - its been a while (acoustic)
 aaron lewis - red white and blue
 aaron lewis - schizophrenic conversations (acoustic)
 aaron lewis - what hurts the most (live)
 ac dc - money talks
 ac dc - rock n roll train
 ac dc - shoot to thrill
 ac dc - stormy my day
 ac dc - the razors edge
 ac dc - thunderstruck
 ac dc - war machine
 ac dc - who made who
 accept - hard attack
 accept - winter dreams
 ages and ages - divisionary by rafaela
 ages and ages - light goes out
 airbourne - live it up
 airbourne - runnin hot
 airbourne - turn up the trouble
 airbourne - when the girl get hot
 alcest - autre temps
 alter bridge - broken wings
 alter bridge - metalingus
 alter bridge - open your eyes
 alter bridge - watch over you
 anberlin - a day late
 anberlin - a day late (acustico)
 anberlin - enjoy the silence
 anberlin - feel good drag (acustico)
 anberlin - impossible
 anberlin - inevitable
 anberlin - naive orleans (acoustic)
 anberlin - paperthin hymn
 angel dust - follow me
 audioslave - be yourself
 audioslave - doesnt remind me
 audioslave - like a stone
 audioslave - out of exile
 australian crawl - indisposed
 australian crawl - lakeside
 australian crawl - louie louie (live)
 australian crawl - oh no not you again
 australian crawl - your love
 bad company - feel like making love
 bad company - moving on
 bad company - rock n roll fantasy
 bear lake - crawl
 black label society - funeral bell
 black label society - in this river
 black label society - queen of sorrow
 black stone cherry - blind man
 black stone cherry - like i roll
 black stone cherry - lonely train
 black stone cherry - please come in
 black stone cherry - shooting star
 black stone cherry - things my father said
 black stone cherry - things my father said by tarado inteligente
 black stone cherry - white trash millionaire
 black strobe - im a man
 blackberry smoke - up the road
 blackfoot - fly away
 blackfoot - left turn on a red light
 blackfoot - ride with you
 blackfoot - train train
 blackfoot - train train (live)
 blackfoot - wishing well
 blitzkid - lady in the lake
 blitzkid - love like blood
 blitzkid - mary and the storm
 blitzkid - my dying bride
 blitzkid - she dominates
 blue october - a quiet mind
 blue october - calling you
 blue october - hate me
 blur - song by tarado inteligente
 bon jovi - always
 bon jovi - any other day
 bon jovi - bed of roses (acustico)
 bon jovi - love hurts by rafaela
 bon jovi - thank you for loving me
 bon jovi - when we were beautiful
 bonfire - you make me feel
 boyce avenue - bleeding love
 boyce avenue - broken angel
 boyce avenue - dare to believe
 boyce avenue - everything you want by tarado inteligente
 boyce avenue - find me
 boyce avenue - grenade
 boyce avenue - just the way you are
 budgie - gunslinger
 budgie - hold on to love
 budgie - secrets in my head
 budgie - time to remember
 bush - come down
 bush - glycerine
 bush - letting the cables sleep
 bush - machine head
 bush - swallowed
 bush - the sound of winter
 catatonia - mulder and scully for zuadinha
 chris isaak - baby did a bad bad thing
 civil war - i will rule the universe
 civil war - sons of avalon
 cold truth - diesel
 cold truth - peace with me
 coldspell - six feet under
 creed - are you ready
 creed - away in silence
 creed - dont stop dancing
 creed - hide
 creed - inside us all
 creed - my own prison
 creed - my sacrifice
 creed - one by tarado inteligente
 creed - rain
 creed - six feet from the edge
 creed - with arms wide open
 dashboard confessional - stolen
 daughtry - call your name
 daughtry - home
 daughtry - life after you
 daughtry - over you
 deep purple - smoke on the water
 deep purple - soldier of fortune
 dinosaur jr - feel the pain
 dinosaur jr - out there
 dionne warwick - all the love in the world
 dishwalla - angels or devils
 dishwalla - drawn out
 dishwalla - every little thing
 dishwalla - far away
 dishwalla - nashville skyline
 dishwalla - pretty babies
 dishwalla - somewhere in the middle
 dishwalla - today tonight
 disturbed - stupify
 disturbed - the sound of silence
 doc holliday - cant stop rockin
 doc holliday - corinna
 doc holliday - crazy
 doc holliday - danger zone
 doc holliday - dead man s road
 doc holliday - good boy gone bad
 doc holliday - jailbreak
 doc holliday - last ride
 doc holliday - lonesome guitar
 doc holliday - lonesome guitar (acoustic)
 doc holliday - rebel girl
 doc holliday - run to me
 doc holliday - song for thre outlaw
 doc holliday - that girl (is mine tonight)
 dream theater - forsaken
 dream theater - the answer lies within by tarado inteligente
 dream theater - the silent man
 dream theater - through her eyes
 drowning pool - bodies
 drowning pool - tear away
 echo and the bnnymen - a promise
 echo and the bunnymen - bring on the dancing horses
 echo and the bunnymen - its allright
 echo and the bunnymen - lips like sugar
 echo and the bunnymen - no dark things
 echo and the bunnymen - nothing lasts forever
 echo and the bunnymen - rescue
 echo and the bunnymen - rust
 echo and the bunnymen - seven seas
 echo and the bunnymen - the killing moon for lu akelom siberian tiger
 foo fighters - aint it the life
 foo fighters - best of you
 foo fighters - everlong
 foo fighters - everlong (acoustic)
 foo fighters - my hero (acustico) by tarado inteligente
 foo fighters - the pretender
 foo fighters - times like these (acoustic)
 foo fighters - walk (live)
 free - all right now
 frijid pink - house of the rising sun
 frijid pink - im movin
 frijid pink - sing a song for freedom
 fugazi - blueprint
 fugazi - waiting room
 georgia satellites - dont pass me by
 georgia satellites - keep your hands to yourself
 georgia satellites - let it rock
 georgia satellites - open all night
 gotthard - everything can change
 gotthard - heal me
 gotthard - im on my way
 gotthard - in the name
 great white - aint no way to treat a lady
 great white - call it rock n roll
 great white - cryin
 great white - miles away
 great white - once bitten twice shy
 great white - save all your love
 guano apes - high
 guano apes - lords of the the boards
 harem scarem - all over again
 harem scarem - cant live with you
 harem scarem - change comes around
 harem scarem - hard to love
 harem scarem - honestly (acoustic)
 harem scarem - no justice
 harem scarem - slowly slipping away
 him - poison heart
 him - wicked game
 hinder - better than me
 hinder - how long by tarado inteligente
 hinder - lips of an angel by tarado inteligente
 hinder - someday
 hinder - the life
 hinder - thing for you
 hinder - without you
 hogjaw - blacktop
 hogjaw - built my prize
 hogjaw - dirty woman
 hogjaw - ever gonna win
 hogjaw - flathead
 hogjaw - junga
 hogjaw - lo
 hogjaw - midnight run to cleator
 hogjaw - ol slippery willie
 hogjaw - road of fools
 hogjaw - spoonfed
 hogjaw - the sum of all things
 hogjaw - three fifty seven
 hogjaw - walkin
 hogleg - horses and harleys
 hogleg - lazy like a dog
 hogleg - this love of mine
 incubus - dig
 incubus - pardon me
 incubus - wish you were here
 jimmy eat world - hear you me
 jimmy eat world - pain
 jimmy eat world - sweetness
 jtx - party like a rockstar
 kasabian - fire
 kings of leon - birthday
 kings of leon - mollys chambers
 kings of leon - pyro
 kings of leon - sex is on fire
 kings of leon - the face
 kings of leon - true love way
 kings of leon - use somebody
 les discrets - song for mountains
 lifehouse - blind
 lifehouse - broken
 lifehouse - come back down
 lifehouse - disarray
 lifehouse - make me over
 lifehouse - who we are
 lifehouse - you and me
 limp bizkit - karma
 limp bizkit - my generation
 live - all over you
 live - i alone
 live - lightning crashes by tarado inteligente
 live - pain lies on the riverside
 live - rattlesnake
 live - selling the drama
 live - turn my head
 lynyrd skynyrd - every mother is son
 lynyrd skynyrd - gifted hands
 lynyrd skynyrd - i need you
 lynyrd skynyrd - if im wrong
 lynyrd skynyrd - simple life
 lynyrd skynyrd - simple man
 lynyrd skynyrd - sweet home alabama
 lynyrd skynyrd - that smell
 lynyrd skynyrd - was i right or wrong
 matt nathanson - come on get higher
 matt nathanson - laid
 michelle darkness - the sound of silence
 molly hatchet - bloody reunion
 molly hatchet - find somebody new
 molly hatchet - flirtin with disaster
 molly hatchet - long time
 molly hatchet - on the prowl
 moxy - are you ready
 moxy - cause theres another
 moxy - midnight flight
 moxy - moon rider
 moxy - sail on sail away
 nirvana - come as you are (acustico)
 nirvana - dumb
 nirvana - lake of fire
 nirvana - sliver
 nirvana - you know youre right
 paperback freud - all in a days work
 paperback freud - anthem
 paperback freud - my frequency
 paperback freud - straight out of moscow
 pixies - all over the world
 pixies - ed is dead
 pixies - here comes your men
 pixies - hey
 pixies - monkey gone to heaven
 pixies - wave of mutilation
 pixies - where is my mind
 placebo - battle for the sun
 placebo - every you every me
 placebo - ikwyl
 placebo - special needs
 placebo - the bitter end
 placebo - where is my mind
 preacher stone - me and mine
 preacher stone - mother to bed
 preacher stone - not today
 preacher stone - thats just the whiskey talkin
 preacher stone - tractor pull
 queens of the stone age - make it wit chu
 queens of the stone age - no one knows
 radiohead - creep
 radiohead - high and dry
 radiohead - my iron lung
 rage against the machine - bullet in the head
 rage against the machine - guerrilla radio
 rage against the machine - killing in the name of
 rage against the machine - renegades of funk
 rainbow - i surrender
 rainbow - street of dreams
 rainbow - the temple of the king
 reamonn - aeroplane
 reamonn - alright
 reamonn - angels fly by tarado inteligente
 reamonn - if i go
 reamonn - its over now
 reamonn - million miles
 reamonn - star
 reamonn - strong
 reamonn - supergirl
 reamonn - through the eyes of a child
 reamonn - waiting there for you
 red hot chili peppers - annie wants a baby
 red hot chili peppers - desecration smile
 red hot chili peppers - did i let you know
 red hot chili peppers - police station
 red hot chili peppers - strip my mind
 red hot chili peppers - tell me baby
 red hot chili peppers - the adventures of rain dance maggie
 red hot chili peppers - the zephyr song
 red hot chili peppers - this velvet glove
 red hot chili peppers - wet sand
 red hot chili peppers - whatever we want
 rem - drive
 rem - losing my religion
 rem - shiny happy people
 rem - supernatural superserious
 rough cutt - hold on
 rough cutt - never gonna
 rough cutt - take her
 rush - bravado
 rush - the pass
 russ ballard - dream on
 russ ballard - just like me
 russ ballard - once a rebel
 russ ballard - the fire still burns
 russ ballard - voices
 sanctus real - fly
 sanctus real - im not alright
 sanctus real - lead me
 sanctus real - whatever youre doing
 savage - black n blue
 savage - blow
 savage - look at yourself
 savage - promised land
 savage - smiling assassin
 savage - sons of malice
 savage - the hanging tree
 savage - the rage within
 savage - twist
 saxon - back in 79
 saxon - broken heroes
 saxon - call in to arms
 saxon - chasing the bullet
 saxon - dallas 1 pm
 shakra - ashes to ashes
 shakra - life is now
 shakra - when i see you
 shanytown - brother
 shanytown - cry for the bad man
 shanytown - one more night
 shanytown - piece of mind
 shanytown - van zant nephews
 shinedown - i dare you acoustic
 shinedown - second chance
 shinedown - simple man (acoustic)
 shout out louds - 1999
 shout out louds - fall hard by tarado inteligente
 shout out louds - meant to call
 shout out louds - my friend and the ink on his fingers
 shout out louds - very loud
 sister hazel - another me
 sister hazel - beautiful thing
 smashing pumpkins - 1979
 smashing pumpkins - disarm
 smashing pumpkins - stand inside your love
 smokey fingers - born to run
 smokey fingers - crazy woman
 smokey fingers - old jack
 smokey fingers - ride of love
 smokey fingers - sweet tears
 smokey fingers - the good country side
 snow patrol - chasing cars
 snow patrol - how to be dead
 snow patrol - on off
 snow patrol - run
 snow patrol - set the fire to the third bar
 snow patrol - this isn t everything you are
 snow patrol - you could be happy
 snow patrol - you re all i have
 soul asylum - black gold
 soul asylum - just like anyone
 soul asylum - misery
 soul asylum - promises broken
 soul asylum - runaway train
 staind - everything changes (acoustic) by tarado inteligente
 staind - its been a while
 staind - not again
 staind - outside
 staind - please
 staind - right here (acoustic)
 staind - so far away
 staind - something to remind you by tarado inteligente
 staind - tangled up in you
 steelheart - Ill never let you go
 steelheart - forgive me
 steelheart - shes gone
 steelheart - virgin soul
 steelheart - wait
 steppenwolf - born to be wild
 steppenwolf - the pusher
 stone sour - anna
 stone sour - brother
 stone sour - hesitate
 stone sour - imperfect
 stone sour - say you ll haunt me
 stone sour - through glass
 stone sour - wicked game (acoustic)
 stone sour - zzyzx rd by tarado inteligente
 suede - new generation
 sum 41 - best of me
 sum 41 - fat lip
 sum 41 - green day
 sum 41 - pieces
 sunstorm - gina
 sunstorm - lay down your arms
 sunstorm - you wouldnt know love
 susan tedeshi - it hurt so bad
 switchfoot - awakening
 switchfoot - dare you to move
 switchfoot - everything will change in time
 switchfoot - learning to breath
 switchfoot - meant to live
 switchfoot - more than fine
 switchfoot - we are one tonight
 switchfoot - you
 switchfoot - your love is a song
 ten years after - blender (ft alvin lee)
 ten years after - i d love to change the world
 ten years after - if you should love me
 ten years after - one of these days
 texas hippie coalition - 8 seconds
 texas hippie coalition - damn you to hell
 texas hippie coalition - pissed off and mad about it
 the calling - adrienne
 the calling - anything
 the calling - believing
 the calling - could it be any harder
 the calling - for you
 the calling - our lives
 the calling - stigmatized
 the calling - wherever you will go
 the four horsemen - drunk again
 the four horsemen - keep on keepin on
 the four horsemen - nobody said It was easy
 the four horsemen - rockin is my business
 the four horsemen - shelly
 the killers - for reasons unknown
 the kooks - junk of the heart (happy)
 the kooks - naive
 the kooks - young folks
 the lemonheads - beautiful
 the lemonheads - if i ould talk i d tell you for zuadinha
 the marmalade - hey joe
 the marmalade - reflections of my life
 the outfield - your love
 the outlaws - angels hide
 the outlaws - ghost riders in the sky
 the outlaws - the wheel
 the perishers - best friends
 the perishers feat sarah mclachlan - pills by juuly
 the rolling stones - honky tonk woman
 the rolling stones - love is strong
 the rolling stones - wild horses
 the stooges - down on the street
 the strokes - last nite
 the strokes - reptilia
 the strokes - undercover of darkness
 the strokes - you only live once
 the vapors - johnnys in love again
 the vapors - waiting for the weekend
 the verve - bittersweet symphony
 the verve - lucky man
 the vines - get free
 the vines - outtathaway
 the vines - ride
 the wallflowers - heroes
 the wallflowers - one headlight
 the white stripes - hardest button to button
 the white stripes - icky thump
 the white stripes - seven nation army
 the white stripes - you dont know what love is you
 tonic - future says run
 tonic - if you could only see
 tonic - mean to me
 tonic - mountain
 tonic - mr golden deal
 tonic - soldiers daughter
 tourism - city never sleeps
 tourism - paint in colours
 type o negative - angel
 type o negative - black no 1
 type o negative - christian woman
 type o negative - everything dies
 type o negative - i dont wanna be me
 unisonic - i ve tried
 unisonic - king for a day
 unisonic - never change me
 unisonic - never too late
 unisonic - over the rainbow
 velvet revolver - fall to pieces
 velvet revolver - loving the alien
 voltage - back home
 voltage - bad lovin woman
 voltage - i got you rockin
 voltage - motherfucker jones
 voltage - rooster
 voltage - stray dog boogie
 voltage - travelling man
 wasp - hold on to my heart
 weezer - island in the sun
 weezer - perfect situation
 weezer - say it aint so
 whiskey myers - lonely east
 whiskey myers - nobody knows her name
 whiskey myers - summer 2005
 wolfpakk - black wolf
 wolfpakk - cold winter
 wolfpakk - high roller
 zz top - doubleback
 zz top - gimme all your lovin
 zz top - sharp dressed man
 zz top - tush